Card Talk Blog is Live!

Card Talk proudly announces a companion blog to its premiere video and audio podcast! The blog will feature written card reviews to accompany the podcast episodes. It also can be your Card Talk hub with links to each episodes, playthrough, interviews, and events. Many are already linked on the site with more being added all the time.

Live Trivia Event

Today at 4 pm EST / 8 pm GMT there will be a trivia livestream. It will feature community members competing for a pile of LOTR LCG prizes. Come watch and cheer on your fellow players!

Guides and Upcoming Posts

The site has Dave’s New Player Guide and Grant’s Keyword Guide available right now. The first card review will be released here on Tuesday simultaneously with the new Card Talk episode. I will also be posting written playthroughs every Wednesday and Friday. While the site doesn’t much content yet, we will be ramping up before long. We also have a couple community contributors working on card reviews for cards already featured on the podcast. Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for those as well!

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