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Card Talk has deep dives into each player card of LOTR LCG, spoiler discussion, encounter set reviews, game play videos, designer interviews, and guest host episodes with members of the community . See below for Card Talk content organized by Cycle, Saga, and other Print on Demand expansions.

Deluxe and Adventure Pack Cycles

  1. Shadows of Mirkwood
  2. Darrowdelf
  3. Against the Shadow
  4. Ringmaker
  5. Angmar Awakened
  6. Dreamchaser
  7. Haradrim
  8. Ered Mithren
  9. Vengence of Mordor

Print on Demand

  • The Hunt for the Dreadnaught
    • Perilous Voyage

Hobbit Saga

  1. The Hobbit Over Hill and Under Hill
  2. The Hobbit On the Doorstep

Lord of the Rings Saga

  1. The Black Riders
  2. The Road Darkens
  3. The Treason of Saruman
  4. The Land of Shadow
  5. The Flame of the West
  6. The Mountain of Fire