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  • A Test of Will
    Card Talk Season 4 Episode 28 Video episode Audio episode Cycle Shadows of Mirkwood Set Core Player Card Categories  Encounter Control The staple Spirit card to rule them all. Background It’s difficult to point to a single character or event in the books that this would apply to because really its a theme in Lord… Continue reading A Test of Will
  • Andrath Guardsman – Community Review
    Vardaen of Critical Encounters fame reviews Andrath Guardsman. … Continue reading Andrath Guardsman – Community Review
  • Beravor
    versatile hero with a incredibly useful ability. Power creep has marginalized her a little, but can still be used to great effect. … Continue reading Beravor
  • Bill the Pony
    Card Talk Season 5 Episode 32 Video episode Audio episode Cycle LOTR Saga  Set The Black Riders  Player Card Categories  Hit Point Bonus The pack pony that can’t carry anything in the game. Background Bill was the only pony for sale in Bree after all the horses and ponies were let loose from The Prancing… Continue reading Bill the Pony
  • Blade of Gondolin
    Card Talk Season TBD Episode TBD Video episode Audio episode Cycle Shadows of Mirkwood Set Core Set Player Card Categories  Attack Bonus Location Control Deck Archetype(s) Dale Armory Inexpensive utility weapon/item attachment available right out of the Core set, with a deep connection to Tolkien lore. Background The story of the great Elf city of… Continue reading Blade of Gondolin