First Repackaged Cycle will be Angmar Awakened!

FFG Announced today that Angmar Awakened will be the first cycle repackaged into a campaign and player card expansion boxes. The campaign box will contain the 9 quests from The Lost Realm deluxe and 6 adventure packs plus the new campaign cards. The player card box will have all the heroes and player cards released in the cycle. As far release date, the Asmodee webstore listing for the player card expansion has June 17th, 2022.

Linked in the official announcement were 4 spoilers, 2 of the boon cards and 2 of the burden cards. Hardy like many of the other boons from the LOTR Saga provides a permanent boost to a hero. Determination is a very interesting new boon. The ability not only affects the target of the ability, but other characters with another copy attached or that have had it attached in previous games of the campaign! It is going to be very interesting to see how powerful this card can become throughout the course of campaign. The burdens also have one that is similar to others in the LOTR Saga and one that has an effect based on the campaign log. Losing Time like the Saga burdens has a pretty bad when revealed effect plus surge. Arnor Ravaged looks to flip side of Determination. It’s effect that could be worse as the campaign goes along depending on how damage for it is accumulated.

The card fan contained 2 more boons. Silverthorn is boon that looks to synergize with the cycle’s victory display cards like None Return and Rossiel. Mail of Earnur is partially obscured but it appears to be say,

Attach to a hero. Restricted.

Attached hero gets +2

Response: After a play[er?] … heal 1 damage from att[ached hero?]

Likely it gives the attached hero +2 defense or hit points considering it is an armor attachment.

That is all that is known currently about the new Angmar Awakened boxes. I will update this post with any new spoilers or leaks as they become available.

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