FAQ on Revised Core Set and New LOTR LCG Release Model

Is the Revised Core Set compatible with the old expansions?

Yes 100% compatible because it is not a new edition. The rules and cards are the same.

If it’s not a new edition, why is it called the Revised Core Set?

It’s called the Revised Core Set because the contents of it have changed slightly.

  • It now has 3 copies of every player card except heroes, Gandalf, and the new campaign cards. The original Core Set sometimes only had 1 or 2 copies of a player card.
  • It now has enough tokens and threat trackers for 4 players out the box. The old core set had only 2 threat trackers.
  • Resource, progress, and damage tokens now have 1, 3, and 5 value denominations. The original Core Set tokens only had denominations of 1.
  • A new campaign mode added with campaign, boon, and burden cards added. These are also available as Print and Play for anyone with an original Core Set.
  • It comes with 2 rulebooks, a Learn to Play and Rules Reference that includes campaign rules. The original Core Set only had a single rulebook. Original rulebook didn’t have campaign rules because it was introduced later with the Lord of the Rings Saga expansions.

What is the new release model?

At the 2021 In Flight Report, FFG announced it will re-release some but not all the cycle expansions (deluxe + 6 associated adventure packs.) as 2 expansions instead. Each re-released cycle will have a scenario expansion with all the quests, encounter cards, and a new campaign mode. All the player cards will be released in a player card box.

Which ones will be re-released?

Update March 17, 2022FFG announced Angmar Awakened will be the first cycle released as campaign and player card boxes.

I bought the Revised Core Set, what should I get next?

Community consensus is look at getting Dark or Mirkwood and/or Saga expansions next.

Dark of Mirkwood is a re-release of 2 quests from the Limited Edition 2 Player Starter Set. Both are good introductory scenarios that are only a little more difficult than the first Core Set scenario, Passage Through Mirkwood. It also will come with new campaign cards that continue the Revised Core Set campaign after Escape from Dol Guldur. The one downside is this pack doesn’t have new player cards if you want more deckbuilding options.

The Sage expansions cover the events of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings in 8 deluxe sized boxes. They each come with lots of player cards and 3 scenarios. The scenarios are designed to be playable with just the included player cards and a core set. They also already have a campaign mode and therefore unlikely to be re-released in the new model. Many of the included player cards are quite good. The first Hobbit one is Over Hill and Under Hill. The first LotR one is The Black Riders.

Update March 17, 2022 – Caleb said in a recent Card Talk interview that he avoided using cards from repackaged cycles in the four starter decks. Stephan of the LOTR Players Facebook Group identified that there were no cards in them from Angmar Awakwened, Dream-Chaser, Ered Mithren, and the LOTR Sagas. The Angmar Awakened announcement backs up Caleb’s statement and it seems the LOTR Sagas will be repackaged.

Should I wait for new re-released cycles or buy the old deluxes and 6 adventure packs if they’re available?

That will depend on your budget, patience, and availability of expansions in your part of the world. Some people really get into the game and want to get everything right away. If you have the means and everything is available then that is up to you.

Availability can tricky as certain packs with popular player cards can sell out before the rest of the cycle. Best to buy a deluxe and all 6 adventure packs for a cycle if you want to avoid duplicates. If you’re OK with getting duplicates then you might want to pick up whatever is available. The game has a long history of sporadic reprints and things being out of stock for months.

Also don’t worry about missing out on any new campaign added to re-released cycles. FFG has said those will be available as Print and Play.

For more on the deluxe and adventure pack expansions see Dave’s New Player Buying Guide

What are the new Starter Decks?

FFG announced they will release 4 pre-built player decks centered around the Dwarf, Silvan, Gondor, and Rohan traits. These will be fully playable 50 card decks out of the box with additional cards to customize. You can find more details in our New Starter Decks Announced and Starter Decklists Spoiled news posts.

When are the new Starter Decks Coming Out?

Update March 17, 2022 – They’re out now!

March 11, 2022 according to the Asmodee web store.

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