Old Content Buying Guide for New Players

by TheDimitrios

Originally posted at r/lotrlcg and reproduced with permission. Original thread can be found here. Please visit and give it an up vote!

TheDimitrios over at r/lotrlcg recently made a buyers guide of Deluxes and APs. It specifically focuses on player cards that doesn’t overlap with the revised card pool much and enjoyable quests. With their permission, it is now featured over at the Card Talk Blog

Link to the Reddit thread
* https://www.reddit.com/r/lotrlcg/comments/10auu2x/old_content_buying_guide_for_new_players/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

If you are a new player like me and you have all the reprinted content… you might ask yourself what you could get from the old stuff. I went down that rabbithole and maybe this saves you some time.

I followed these basic principles:

  • As little duplicates as possible
  • No unusable Scenario/Quest cards
  • No Sets that collide with planned reprints in the new format
  • The purchase should open up new ways to play, not just add a few cards to existing archetype-decks

So this is what i bought based on those premises:

1) Sands of Harad Deluxe

Allows for some fun new Combo decks, most prominently with Legolas and Gimli.

Only 2 Duplicates between this and the starter decks.

2) Race across Harad

Since we have the Deluxe, we can even use the quest. So this gives you again some Combo stuff and nice Dunedain stuff as well. Furthermore, we get our first card for a doomed Deck.

No duplicates between this and the starters.

3) Shadow in the East Deluxe

Fun contract and cool new stuff all around.

No duplicates between this and the starters.

4) Challenge of the Wainriders

Fun contract and a bunch of good stuff for a doomed deck. Also, we can use the quest since we have the Deluxe.

Only 1 duplicate between this and the starters.

5) Voice of Isengard

A bunch of stuff for a doomed Deck. With the RaH and CotW cards there is enough to have a playable deck.

There are 4 Duplicates with the starters, but in return you are able to play a doomed deck

Editor’s Note: Rohan Warhorse and Westfold Horse-breeder it really doesn’t hurt to have duplicates of.

There are still a lot of interesting cards from the old content that you miss after buying these, but I feel this is the most fun for your money if you want to fill the gaps of the reprint.

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