No Review August 2nd, 2022

The blog and pod are taking this week off due to our various personal obligations. If you haven’t already check out the First Year Retrospective in the mean time. Friday will still have a written playthrough. Thanks everyone as always for reading, watching, or listening!

Autumn’s Across the Ettenmoors Alt Art Encounter Set Giveaway

Autumn over at the CotR Discord announced in the fine Hobbit birthday tradition that she will give away an alternate art set of Across the Ettenmoors. You can enter the drawing via this entry form. A lucky community member will be randomly drawn sometime next week. Update Nov. 25, 2021 Autumn announced the winner and… Continue reading Autumn’s Across the Ettenmoors Alt Art Encounter Set Giveaway

No Review Nov 2nd

Sorry everyone no review this week. The Podcast is taking the week off. I’d get a one of the reviews submitted as part of the last contest, but I’ve been under the weather the last couple of days. There will be 2 playthrough posts on Thursday. Please check back then!


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