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Card Talk Blog’s 1st Anniversary!

July marks the first anniversary of the blog! My first card review, Followed, premiered on July 13th. Since then we’ve had over 14,000 visitors and 32,000 views. Thank you everyone that has visited and take the time to read some card reviews or written playthroughs. In celebration of this milestone, there will be extra content…

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Intruders in Chetwood with Angmar Awakened Campaign Minimum Purchase Deck 1 – June 26, 2022

I built a deck using just the cards available in the revised core set and Angmar Awakened cycle. This is deck testing in anticipation of the new campaign coming out in August. This is why I’m not using Amarthuil despite trying to lean towards Dunedain. Although not many of the Dunedain allies made it into the deck besides Northern Tracker and Guardian of Arnor. Much of the deck space had to go to more utility cards like A Test of Will, Steward of Gondor, Miner of the Iron Hills, Daughter of Nimrodel, etc. The sideboard is extensive because there are many cards I’m considering if this version doesn’t work. Also, I expect that even if I can get a good core there will need tweaks for some of the quests. Anyway that is what I’m hoping the testing will help me figure out. … Continue reading Intruders in Chetwood with Angmar Awakened Campaign Minimum Purchase Deck 1 – June 26, 2022

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Pippin (Ally)

Card Talk Season 5 Episode 35 Video episode Audio episode Cycle Vengeance of Mordor  Set A Shadow in the East Player Card Categories  Attack Bonus Surprise Messenger of the King The best willpower ally in Tactics. Background Peregrine “Pippin” Took most people know as the hobbit that sang a sad song while Denethor made a…

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Honour Guard

Card Talk Season 3 Episode 58 Video episode Audio episode Cycle Angmar Awakened Set Wastes of Eriador Player Card Categories  Damage Control Valour Beorn Support The most flexible damage cancelation card. I wish there were more like it. Background The art depicts a Guard of the Citadel much like the Leadership ally of the same…

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The Fortress of Nurn 5 – June 4, 2022

I tweaked the hero line up again. I put in Tactics Eowyn and Spirit Beregond replacing Spirit Glorfindel and Tactics Aragorn. I think this will make the deck function without Keep Watch and Celebrian’s Stone. RedSpiderr’s original decklist included Aragorn and Thorongil to eventually get his Lore version in for threat reduction. Threat might be an issue later in this quest, but I’ve been having trouble getting more than a few turns in. I think this change will help get to those later turns and then see if the deck can handle whatever else it can throw at me. … Continue reading The Fortress of Nurn 5 – June 4, 2022

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