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A Journey in the Dark

Run time: 30:17, Watch the Video, Play with Error Most Valuable Card: Oh, Sam. When will it be your day? Not this day. While he was great defending and attacking back while equipped with Sting, I think the better option here is Fellowship of the Ring. I already chose the Redbook of Westmarch, and while…

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Bill the Pony

Card Talk Season 5 Episode 32 Video episode Audio episode Cycle LOTR Saga  Set The Black Riders  Player Card Categories  Hit Point Bonus The pack pony that can’t carry anything in the game. Background Bill was the only pony for sale in Bree after all the horses and ponies were let loose from The Prancing…

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The Ring Goes South

Run Time: 39:01. Watch the video. Most Valuable Card: It’s getting much harder to *not* pick Sam as the most valuable card, but I still feel strongly about spreading the love around and it seems that in this play, Thorongil really showed its value. Yes, Sam was towered up and was able to defend a…

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Flight to the Ford

Run Time: 26:47, Watch the Video Most Valuable Card: This is the shortest play to date, both by time and by rounds. At just under 27 minutes and at four rounds, the race to the Ford of Bruinen seemed so easy. Trust me, behind the scenes, I played this scenario a few times where I…

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A Knife in the Dark

Run Time: 45:25. Watch the Video Most Valuable Card: I feel like this scenario was a real “share the load” sort of scenario. Many cards in play contributed to the win. Gaffer canceled a few attacks, Treebeard helps kill the Witch-king. rosie boosted a few different Hobbits. All of that said, I think I was…

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