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Card Talk the podcast that loves talking about cards now also loves writing about cards. Matt Kell joins the Card Talk crew with analysis of each card’s theme, synergies, interactions, power, and deckbuilding considerations. Of course it wouldn’t be a Card Talk review without the highly scientific yet arbitrary ring rating for each card.

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  • Zigil Miner
    Card Talk Season 4 Episode 49 Video episode Audio episode Cycle Darrowdelf Set Khazad-dûm Player Card Categories  Resource Acceleration Mining Artist Magali Villeneuve Pre-errata Action: Exhaust Zigil Miner and name a number to discard the top 2 cards of your deck. If at least one of those cards has a cost equal to the named… Continue reading Zigil Miner
  • Sword-thain
    Card Talk Season 4 Episode 48 Video episode Audio episode Cycle Angmar Awakened Set The Dread Realm  Effect Category Promotion Before there was Messenger of the King, there was Sword-thain. Background The term sword-thain is used only a few times in the books. We first see it used when Theoden offers to have Merry ride… Continue reading Sword-thain
  • Ranger of Cardolan
    TL;DR A versatile neutral ally well positioned for unexpected combat requirements. Card Talk Season 4 Episode 47 “Ranger of Cardolan” Video Episode Audio Episode Cycle Angmar Awakened Set The Wastes of Eriador Background [In] the wild lands beyond Bree there were mysterious wanderers. The Bree-folk called them Rangers, and knew nothing of their origin. They were taller… Continue reading Ranger of Cardolan
  • Lore Anborn
    Card Talk Season 3 Episode 58 Video episode Audio episode Cycle Against the Shadow Set The Blood of Gondor Player Card Categories  Recursion Discard Pile Messenger of the King An ally with an ability built for the Traps archetype that is a little too expensive in resource and opportunity cost. Background ‘Now I have him… Continue reading Lore Anborn
  • Forlong
    Card Talk Season 4 Episode 45 Video episode Audio episode Cycle Against the Shadow Set Druadan Forest  Player Card Categories  Messenger of the King This review won’t be Forlong and drawn out. Background Forlong is introduced in The Return of the King as the Lord of Lossarnach with two rather unflattering nicknames. ‘Forlong! Forlong!’ Pippin heard men calling.… Continue reading Forlong
  • Ranger Bow
    Card Talk Season 4 Episode 44 Video episode Audio episode Cycle Against the Shadow  Set Assault on Osgiliath Player Card Categories Willpower Bonus Direct Damage Staging Area Attack Ally Attachment A tool for Ranger decks looking to dispatch enemies in the staging area which is easier said than done. Background The flavor text points the Ranger… Continue reading Ranger Bow
  • Secret Vigil
    by Jason Meyer Card Talk Episode TBD Cycle Angmar Awakened Set The Lost Realm  Player Card Categories  Staging Area Threat Reduction Threat Reduction Background I suppose since the quote comes from Aragorn from The Fellowship of the Ring, it’s meant to bring one back to this idea of Dunedain Rangers keeping a vigil on the… Continue reading Secret Vigil
  • A Test of Will
    Card Talk Season 4 Episode 28 Video episode Audio episode Cycle Shadows of Mirkwood Set Core Player Card Categories  Encounter Control The staple Spirit card to rule them all. Background It’s difficult to point to a single character or event in the books that this would apply to because really its a theme in Lord… Continue reading A Test of Will
  • Blade of Gondolin
    Card Talk Season TBD Episode TBD Video episode Audio episode Cycle Shadows of Mirkwood Set Core Set Player Card Categories  Attack Bonus Location Control Deck Archetype(s) Dale Armory Inexpensive utility weapon/item attachment available right out of the Core set, with a deep connection to Tolkien lore. Background The story of the great Elf city of… Continue reading Blade of Gondolin
  • Guided by Fate
    Card Talk Season 4 Episode 40 Video episode Audio episode Cycle Oaths of the Rohirrim Cycle Set  Fire on the Eastemnet Player Card Categories  Encounter Control Discard Pile Finally a card that really enables player encounter cards like Ranger of the North, Winds from the Sea, Eagles of the North, and Tom Bombadillo! Background The phrase,… Continue reading Guided by Fate
  • Spirit Théoden
    Card Talk Season 1 Episode 45 Video episode Audio episode LOTR Saga Treason of Saruman   Player Card Categories  Cost reduction Resource smoothing Théoden is the king of Rohan, and perhaps the king of cost reduction. He has a clear role of getting out your Rohan allies efficiently. As is commonly known, Rohan has a strong… Continue reading Spirit Théoden
  • Fast Hitch
    A card so nice, they reviewed it twice (at least). TL;DR It’s a Hobbit staple. Card Talk “Fast Hitch” Video episode Audio episode Card Talk Live: Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle Video episode Audio episode Set The Dead Marshes Background Hobbit stats are rubbish: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever, about that. If you’re… Continue reading Fast Hitch

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