Dream-Chaser Repackaged Cycle Announced!

FFG announced today that the Dream-Chaser cycle will be the next one getting a re-release with hero and campaign expansions. Release date per Asmodee’s web store is June 2023. This has been expected for awhile thanks to hints former lead designer Caleb Grace dropped and Stephan’s analysis of the starter decks.

For newer players, Dream-Chaser has a big nautical theme. The story centers around sailing from the Grey Havens to find lost Numenor. Along the way, they run afoul of Corsairs.

What kind of Player Cards does it have?

There are a lot more for the Noldor discard cards from hand archetype introduced in Angmar Awakened. Gondor gets a some nice cards with Leadership Denethor hero, Tactics Imrahil hero, Captain’s Wisdom, Knight of the White Tower. There are a series of events that have additional effects if resources from another sphere are paid. The most noteworthy of which is Heed the Dream. Players will also find a few cards to for Hobbit, Trap, Dunedain, Secrecy, and Dwarf Mining. Last but certainly not least is Armored Destrier which is an defensive action advantage shadow control staple.

What’s Different from the Deluxe and APs?

* Campaign mode with new boon and burden cards

* 2 new Ship-Objectives

* Double-sided Ship-Objectives with regular and upgraded sides like the ships in The Hunt for the Dreadnaught.

* Earn XP to get boons and upgrade Ship-Objective

* Modification Boon attachments that can improve your Ship-Objective and can also be upgraded separately.

I Already Have the Dream-Chaser Cycle, Do I Need to Buy the New Expansions to get the Campaign?

No, FFG will release the campaign cards including the upgradeable ships and boons as Print and Play once the expansion is out.

When Will Print and Play Will be Available?

The Core Set print and play files came out if not at release of the Revised Core very shortly after, but Angmar Awakened’s took weeks to come out. Based on past experience, I’d be prepared to wait but pleasantly surprised if they come out right after release.

Can I Buy the Campaign Cards Separately?

You cannot buy the campaign cards separately directly from FFG. As long as you don’t plan to resell them, you can get them printed professionally printed. MakePlayingCards and MBPrint will print them. MBPrint will do so with the original FFG backs but MakePlayingCards will require alternatives. There is a great printing guide available at ALEP’s site.

If you don’t want to figure out how to get them professionaly printed yourself, keep an eye on the LOTR LCG players Facebook group. People regularly organize group orders for these and other custom content.

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