Take No Notice

  • Cycle
    • Lord of the Rings Saga
  • Set
    • The Black Riders
  • Player Card Categories
    • Staging Area Control

It is easy to take no notice of this card.


In their dark cloaks they were as invisible as if they all had magic rings. Since they were all hobbits, and were trying to be silent, they made no noise that even hobbits would hear. Even the wild things in the fields and woods hardly noticed their passing.

J. R. R. Tolkien. The Fellowship of the Ring Chapter 3

The flavor text comes not long after Frodo overhears the Gaffer telling a Nazghul disguised as a black rider that Frodo left that morning. Frodo then meets Sam and Pippin to sneak away from Hobbiton.

Card Theme

Player threat can be thought of as the attention of Sauron on the players. Engagement cost then represents how high a profile the player’s heroes have to be hunted down. It is fitting that when players are sneaking and intentionally keeping a low profile increases the engagement cost. Rangers and Hobbits being stealthier than others when they want also makes sense it is easier to play this card with them.

Card Synergies and Interactions


Many of the Hobbit heroes, allies, and Hobbit specific attachments have effects if they engage or engaged with an enemy with higher engagement cost. It is clear these cards that Take No Notice are intended to work with considering it came in the same set as Sam Gamgee hero, Pippin hero, Dagger of Westernesse, Hobbit Cloak, and Farmer Maggot. Players can play Take No Notice before engagement. Then Hobbit player can engage an enemy they normally would have to anyway and get the additional effects.

Gondorian Rangers and Traps

Rangers also get the cost discount on the cost of the card. The Gondor set of them benefits the most from it. Dunedain Rangers typically benefit from engaging enemies, but the Gondor Rangers work well with traps and want to avoid engagement. Faramir hero powers up for each enemy in the staging area. Poisoned Stakes and Ithilien Pit are two of traps are more effective if the enemy can stay in the staging area. Poisoned Stakes because it can destroy an enemy on its own eventually. Ithilien Pit allows players to declare attacks on the enemy even in staging and won’t need to be defended against. They, however, don’t lock the enemy down in staging like Ranger Spikes. Gondor Ranger heroes also aren’t very low threat with threat cost around 10. Anything that help them avoid engagement makes Traps work better.

Quest Specific

The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat stage 2 requires the players to avoid engagement for 2 rounds at least. Take No Notice can help players speed that up if there is an enemy that just needs a little extra cost.

Ring Rating

Card Talk uses the highly scientific yet arbitrary scale of 1 ring for the card to rule them all to 10 to be cast back into the fiery chasm from whence it came.

I rate Take No Notice at 9 rings. This card is way overpriced at its printed cost. The Galadhrim’s Greeting is a similarly priced event and its effect can also help players avoid engagement or power up Hobbits. Galadhrim’s Greeting effectively increases the engagement cost by 6 instead of just 5. Additionally, the effect basically lasts longer than 1 round since threat is permanently lowered. Take No Notice only makes sense at 0 or 1 cost because of its temporary effect. This limits it to decks with Hobbit and/or Ranger heroes. In a deck with all Hobbit heroes, The Shirefolk is better much like The Galadhrim’s Greeting because the 4 threat reduction is more lasting.

The other major drawback is that adding 5 to engagement cost is not enough to prevent engagement most of the time. Enemy engagement costs vary from 1 to 50 with most occurring at increments of 5. There are only a few cards that increase engagement cost (Mablung ally and Pippin hero) making it difficult to stack. I don’t go as far as 10 since it can work just rarely. A discounted cost of 1 or 0 is reasonable for this marginal temporary effect. It is a shame since Gondor Rangers being in Lore and Tactics don’t have many ways to reduce threat in either sphere. Increasing engagement cost makes a nice way to enable them without further sphere bleed of threat reduction cards. It just wasn’t developed enough to be reliable like threat reduction.

  • Dave – 8
  • Grant – TBR
  • Ted – 6
  • Matt – 9
  • Average – 7.67

External Links

Sample Decks

Hobbit Rangers! by radAGHAST

This deck is exactly what it sounds like: hobbits sneaking up on bad guys and locking them in traps. The two are natural fits. Traps are most effective when enemies can remain in the staging area, and these hobbits are pros at managing when enemies leave the staging area.

Main Deck

Hero (3)
Bilbo Baggins (The Hunt for Gollum)
Pippin (The Black Riders)
Sam Gamgee (The Black Riders)

Ally (17)
2x Anborn (The Blood of Gondor)
3x Bill the Pony (The Black Riders)
2x Galadriel (The Road Darkens)
3x Gandalf (Core Set)
2x Gimli (The Treason of Saruman)
2x Ithilien Archer (Encounter at Amon Dîn)
3x Ithilien Tracker (Heirs of Númenor)

Attachment (22)
3x A Burning Brand (Conflict at the Carrock)
3x Fast Hitch (The Dead Marshes)
2x Forest Snare (Core Set)
3x Hobbit Cloak (The Black Riders)
3x Ithilien Pit (Encounter at Amon Dîn)
3x Ranger Bow (Assault on Osgiliath)
3x Ranger Spikes (Heirs of Númenor)
2x Steward of Gondor (Core Set)

Event (11)
3x Daeron’s Runes (Foundations of Stone)
3x Peace, and Thought (Shadow and Flame)
2x Sneak Attack (Core Set)
3x Take No Notice (The Black Riders)

3 Heroes, 50 Cards
Cards up to The Treason of Saruman


Ally (11)
3x Haldir of Lórien (A Journey to Rhosgobel)
3x Master of the Forge (Shadow and Flame)
3x Quickbeam (The Treason of Saruman)
2x Son of Arnor (Core Set)

Attachment (2)
2x Protector of Lórien (Core Set)

Event (2)
2x Secret Paths (Core Set)

Decklist built and published on RingsDB.

Traps Can Kill by D4rkWolf10

Mono Lore Ranger and Trap Deck

Main Deck

Hero (3)
Damrod (The Land of Shadow)
Faramir (Assault on Osgiliath)
Haldir of Lórien (Trouble in Tharbad)

Ally (15)
2x Anborn (The Blood of Gondor)
3x Guardian of Ithilien (The City of Corsairs)
3x Ithilien Archer (Encounter at Amon Dîn)
2x Ithilien Lookout (The Dunland Trap)
3x Ithilien Tracker (Heirs of Númenor)
2x Mablung (The Land of Shadow)

Attachment (20)
3x Entangling Nets (Temple of the Deceived)
2x Forest Snare (Core Set)
3x Ithilien Pit (Encounter at Amon Dîn)
3x Ranger Bow (Assault on Osgiliath)
3x Ranger Spear (The City of Corsairs)
3x Ranger Spikes (Heirs of Númenor)
3x Scroll of Isildur (The Morgul Vale)

Event (18)
3x Advance Warning (The Drúadan Forest)
3x Arrows from the Trees (Temple of the Deceived)
3x Forest Patrol (Assault on Osgiliath)
3x Mithrandir’s Advice (The Steward’s Fear)
3x Peace, and Thought (Shadow and Flame)
3x Take No Notice (The Black Riders)

Player Side Quest (1)
1x Scout Ahead (The Wastes of Eriador)

3 Heroes, 54 Cards
Cards up to The City of Corsairs

Decklist built and published on RingsDB.

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