Core Set Combos – Dunhere + Quick Strike

Dunhere + Quick Strike is questing and combat twofer combo. Quick Strike being an action let’s a character attack an eligible enemy during any action window. Dunhere because he can attack into the staging area makes it possible to attack an enemy revealed during staging in the subsequent action window. Dunhere then can kill the enemy and remove its threat from the staging area. This pseudo questing by removing staging area is one of the few ways to the Core Set has to adjust the outcome of the quest phase like Eowyn’s and ally Faramir’s abilities. The second benefit is then a player doesn’t have to defend against an attack from the enemy. Some enemies that are better to target than others. Dol Guldur Orcs have no defense and only 3 hitpoint so Dunhere doesn’t need help to kill them. Hummerhorns can kill a hero when it engages a player and killing it in the staging avoids the 5 direct damage effect. Chieftan Ufthak gets more attack power every time he attacks and keeping him from attack because a player never has to engage him can be a huge benefit.

Giving Dunhere more attack, of course, makes this combo more reliable. In the core set, there are only a few cards that can and none in Spirit unfortunately. Tactics appropriately has the most with Dwarven Axe, Blade of Gondolin, and Blade Mastery. Blade of Gondolin‘s is conditional on the enemy being an orc, but it trades that off to help with questing by placing progress. Leadership only offers For Gondor! which is not efficient to use it for just Dunhere.

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