A delay for Second Breakfast

Okay, I am going to apologize already for the confusion I am going to cause with this post. Easter is coming up and we did not want to do a livestream on Easter Sunday, which we were scheduled to do. Additionally, our current schedule is not ideal for Ethan. It would be much better if we switched over to the opposite Sundays from the ones we have been streaming on. To solve both problems, we are going to be skipping this weekend. THERE WILL BE NO LIVESTREAM THIS SUNDAY, APRIL 3. The next livestream will be on April 10 at 4 pm Eastern time. Following that, we will be livestreaming every second Sunday as usual. Thus, our next two livestreams will be on April 10 and April 24. In the meantime, continue playing around with last week’s challenge against The Watcher in the Water. Let us know your thoughts on how it went and decklists that you are using for it. Either post it in the Youtube comments or join us on our Discord server to discuss these challenges, we would love to hear from you. If you have already tried both decks against this quest, I’ll give you another deck to try here. Try building a deck with no unique cards (except your heroes), no events, and Grima. That should be enough of a challenge to keep you occupied until next week. We’ll see you next on the 10th then if not before then on the Discord server and you should join us there. You really should. We want to discuss with you. Ted is not the only one who loves talking about cards (although, he is on there too). So join us. The link is right here: https://discord.gg/TqwkhDGHNa. Just click it. Do it now. In all seriousness though, we do really want to discuss these challenges with you and engage with the community in that way. Until next time, don’t stop playing and having fun.

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