A second Second Breakfast

Just a quick little announcement for this weekend. If you missed the first one or if the first Second Breakfast left you hungry for more, then you are in luck. We are coming back this Sunday with a second Second Breakfast livestream at 2pm Eastern, March 20. Second Breakfast is a live playthrough series in which we take on a new challenge every two weeks, with random deck restrictions, trying to beat a random quest. That means that every two weeks there will be a completely fresh challenge that we want to invite you to participate in. Plus, with all that has been happening, from topics that were discussed on the pod, recent announcements from FFG, and the taste of the previous challenge lingering (I can still taste the defeat), we have a lot to talk about on the livestream. So come and hang out for a while; we look forward to seeing you there. Our goal is to really interact with and engage the community and hopefully spark some new deck ideas with these challenges in this all-new random game mode. Make sure to tune in to find out what this week’s deck restrictions are going to be (and believe me, Ethan has some really interesting ones) as we try to take down one of my personal favourite quests: “The Watcher in the Water.”

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