New Starter Decks Announced

FFG announced today that they will release 4 player starter decks for LOTR LCG.

  • Dwarves of Durin
  • Elves of Lórien 
  • Defenders of Gondor
  • Riders of Rohan

The decks will be center around the Dwarf, Silvan, Gondor, and Rohan traits.

Update as of March 4th the full decklists have been spoiled! Check out the full lists here. The lists below are spoilers from the announcement and February 16th FFG livestream.

Spoiled cards for Dwarves of Durin

Feb 16th Livestream Spoiled Cards

Elves of Lorien

Feb. 16th Livestream Spoiled Cards

Defenders of Gondor

Riders of Rohan

You can read the full release article here.

2 thoughts on “New Starter Decks Announced”

  1. Hi Card Talk, this Las Cartas de Poder (The Cards of Power) a new podcast in spanish about this marvelous game! I have just watched the FFG game play and I saw in the deck of elves of Lorien they play Mirkwood Runner, you have in your list Silvan tracker, I may missed or your list should be an errata. (no more erratas in the game please!! LOL) I have been listening to your podcast for years and is a great inspiration for me to start my own. all the best!
    Las Cartas de Poder.


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