FFG In Flight Report Confirms Revised Core Set, Repackaged Cycles, New Campaign Mode, and Dark of Mirkwood

What was Announced

  1. Revised Core Set will come with campaign mode with boons and burdens like Saga.
  2. Campaign cards will be available as Print and Play
  3. Some cycles will be repacked similar to Arkham with scenario box and player card box.
  4. New cycle boxes will include new boons and burdens for campaign mode. Cycle campaign cards will be available as Print and Play like revised Core set.
  5. The Oath and Caves of Niben Dûm from the 2 player starter set will be repacked with a campaign in Dark of Mirkwood scenario pack.
  6. They still are not making any new content for the game right now.

Fantasy Flight In Flight Report video below talked about LotR LCG starting at 20:50.

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