Rate a Card to Win Some Cards Contest!

The Card Talk Blog is proud to announce its first contest! We’re giving a lucky community member a physical copy of the fan made deluxe, Children of Eorl. Also, everyone that participates will receive a custom token similar to those received by Card Talk’s Citadel Custodian patrons.

How to Enter

Sorry the contest is closed!


  • How long does the ring rating and reasoning for it need to be?
    • 3-5 sentences or 75-100 words is recommended, but there is no minimum length. As long as a person provides rating of 1 – 10 and at least 1 reason is given for it, they’ll be entered in the contest. That said, longer and more well written entries can be considered for inclusion in future card reviews on the blog (with submitter’s consent).
  • How long do I have to enter?
    • The contest will end on September 20, 2021 at noon CST.
      • This is to allow sufficient shipping time the cards could arrive before Con of the Rings 2021.
  • How do I know if I’ve won or lost?
    • The winner will be contacted via the email address provided in the contest form.
    • An announcement will also be made on the blog after September 20th.
  • Are there any restrictions on who can enter?
    • The only restriction is the regular Card Talk podcast hosts are not eligible for entry. Otherwise, it is open to anyone worldwide. Current Card Talk Blog contributors as of August 23rd (not me) are automatically entered in the contest.
  • What if I want to write a full review for publication on the blog but can’t do so before September 20th?
    • Submit your ring rating to be entered in the contest at least. The contest form will allow you to edit your entry later if you can submit it by the 20th.
    • You can also contact us at cardtalk2018(at)gmail.com, the Card Talk Facebook page, or Patreon.

Contest Form

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